Government’s Attack Vectors

By Kristi Warner The government’s approach to remedies and bitcoin mining are similar examples of agencies utilizing tools at their disposal to attack the crypto industry.  Remedies In July 2023, the SEC lost in the Ripple case on the main legal theories – Judge Torres ruled that secondary market sales were not sales of unregistered […]
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CryptoLaw: Looking Ahead

By Kristi Warner Since CryptoLaw launched in 2021, we have accomplished so much as a community. John started CryptoLaw as a reaction to “gross government overreach” – his goal was to build a trusted platform that people could turn to for news, updates, and analysis on legal and policy issues related to digital assets and […]
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Hinman Investigation: The Chance for the SEC to Get Something Right

By John E. Deaton. It didn’t just take a village. It took an army of activists, lawyers and everyday citizens to demand, insist and even sue the Securities and Exchange Commission to be transparent. From the moment William Hinman got on that stage in San Francisco on June 14, 2018, to declare that Ethereum’s native […]
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It’s time to end the SEC’s war on crypto

By Anthony Scaramucci. (Blockworks). June 6, 2024. The American government is badly damaged — we need public servants who care more about right or wrong, especially when it comes to the crypto industry. I’m not denying that there are reasonable questions about how crypto firms should be regulated. Many policy questions still require legislation to […]
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2024 Is Crypto’s Moment

By Jerry Rogers. (RealClear Policy). May 31, 2024. The 2024 elections are once again hinging on narrow margins nationwide with hot issues like immigration, the economy, abortion, and foreign policy getting most attention. But many of the contests, including the presidency, may ultimately be decided on other issues motivating different constituencies that can hold the […]
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Why The Securities And Exchange Commission Lost Its War On Crypto

By Dan Ikenson. (Forbes). May 28, 2024 From banning “non-compete” clauses to re-requiring “net-neutrality” to hyperinflating the costs of taxpayer-funded infrastructure with extravagant union giveaways, the Biden administration has overseen a massive expansion of the regulatory state. But amid this regulatory incontinence, which sows uncertainty, suppresses innovation, and retards investment and growth, there are encouraging signs […]
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