The Ethereum Free Pass, Fair Notice and the Fight Ahead

By John E. Deaton, Founder and Host, CryptoLaw. I believe we have reached a turning point in the fight against the Securities and Exchange Commission’s unfair and abusive treatment of XRP holders in its lawsuit against Ripple. So much evidence has come out in this case that exposes the outrageous actions of the SEC and […]
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When We Face the Government, the Crypto Community Must Unify and Rise

By John E. Deaton, Founder and Host, CryptoLaw. The apparent defeat over the crypto tax reporting measure in the infrastructure bill was a vivid warning.  The U.S. government doesn’t know what it’s doing on crypto, but it’s taking action anyway.  A $2 trillion economic sector is too ripe a target for a government that has […]
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The Hinman Deposition: A Review of What We Deserve to Know

By John E. Deaton, Founder and Host, CryptoLaw. Tomorrow (Thursday 7/15), Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn is scheduled to hold hearing to discuss whether to grant the SEC’s motion to quash the deposition of former SEC Division of Corporation Finance Director, William Hinman. The judge may even issue an order on this pivotal matter during tomorrow’s […]
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Ripple Gets Trickle Of SEC Docs From Privilege Challenge

By Dean Seal Ripple Labs won access to only a small portion of a trove of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission documents the agency claimed are privileged, as discovery in the most closely watched enforcement case in the crypto industry enters its final month. A New York federal magistrate judge on Thursday ordered the SEC […]
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SEC Should Follow Congress’ Pragmatic Approach On Crypto

By J.W. Verret A resolution is expected soon in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s landmark case against the cryptocurrency company Ripple Labs Inc. over its sales of the XRP token. The SEC’s obtuse stance on crypto as represented by the Ripple case has caused much harm to this burgeoning industry Read the full article […]
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The Year In Review: Crypto Is Here. Get Used To It, Washington.

By Roslyn Layton After more than a decade of dismissing the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology, Washington finally woke up in 2021. As the total market cap of all blockchain-enabled cryptocurrencies surpassed $3 trillion, the Beltway bandits realized the bigness of the crypto market: big taxation, big regulation, and big campaign donations. Read the full […]
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