Connect to Congress

Since Chairman Patrick McHenry threatened to SUBPOENA Gary Gensler for NON-COMPLIANCE with Congressional oversight.


Congress writes the laws that regulators (like the SEC) have to follow. It has never been more important for digital asset holders in the U.S. to make themselves heard.

Use this easy tool to 1) identify your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators; and 2) share your story and your concerns with them.

NOTE: This tool uses your name and address to match you with your Members of Congress (MOCs) and offers to facilitate an easy way to send your messages to them. If you’d rather just identify your MOCs with this tool and then message them separately, please do. We’re just trying to offer you an easy option. We greatly value your privacy and are only interested in helping digital asset holders in the U.S. to have a voice.