2024 Is Crypto’s Moment

By Jerry Rogers. (RealClear Policy). May 31, 2024.

The 2024 elections are once again hinging on narrow margins nationwide with hot issues like immigration, the economy, abortion, and foreign policy getting most attention. But many of the contests, including the presidency, may ultimately be decided on other issues motivating different constituencies that can hold the balance.

One that is starting to gain more credible momentum is an unexpected entrant – the increasingly enthusiastic crypto constituency in the United States.

It isn’t a fringe industry anymore and it’s not new to politics. But crypto is getting more robust and organized in this cycle than ever before and notching serious legal and policy victories on the way. 

Leadership at crypto firms tired of endless SEC lawsuits and lack of a regulatory framework are deciding to fight back. A turning point was the legal victory of California-based Ripple Labs against the SEC in one such lawsuit.

Notching that win had Garlinghouse emerge as a spiritual leader for many in crypto’s foray into hardball politics. His defiance paved the way for other companies to fight back and win.

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