“Cryptocurrencies can help solve economic injustice. Democrats shouldn’t fear them”

By Sheila Warren and Michael Casey. May 28, 2021. (Roll Call).

When Joe Biden won the presidential election, he pledged immediately to begin working on behalf of the voiceless and the underserved: by rebuilding the middle class, heeding science to end the global pandemic and creating lasting recovery that delivers racial and social justice.

Now, with Biden in office and key appointments filled, Democrats have a chance to fulfill those promises. Cryptocurrencies and the revolutionary technology powering them present an unprecedented opportunity to help do so. 

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NOTE: Sheila Warren is the deputy head of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a member of the forum’s Executive Committee. Michael J. Casey is the chief content officer for CoinDesk, a cryptocurrency news site, and a former columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Warren and Casey co-host CoinDesk’s Money Reimagined podcast.  

Cryptocurrencies Are Not a Fad, They’re a Revolution. America Needs to Prepare.

By Bill Tai. May 4, 2021. (Morning Consult).

In the mid-1970s, a cutting-edge group of hackers founded the Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley. Their specialty was developing tools to break into the telephone systems of major corporations, and they went on to create innovative technologies that changed the world, generating millions of dollars in value along the way. One of those hackers was Steve Jobs.

It was in the days of an innovation economy that fostered risk and was free from crushing regulations that I found my start and built a career in technology, as did the founders of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco. The disruption of incumbents, however uncomfortable, placed Silicon Valley on the map and put the United States at the forefront of an economic revolution that forever changed the way we live.

As we near the end of the coronavirus pandemic and step into a new chapter of our nation’s economy, one that’s more digitally connected than ever before, we should create policies to foster this same sense of innovation within today’s tech sector. Under the new leadership of the Biden administration, America has an opportunity to take a fresh look at one such disruptive technology: blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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A Letter to Judge Torres – signed by 10,000, and counting…

By John E. Deaton, Founder and Host of CryptoLaw.

Today I filed a pre-motion letter to Judge Analisa Torres to share the reasons why we are asking to intervene in the SEC v. Ripple case. Among other topics, the letter addresses why we should be allowed to intervene in the case and establish our interests in its ultimate result. 

Allowing us to intervene is appropriate because neither party in the case currently represents the holders and users of XRP.  A key aspect of Ripple’s defense will be to demonstrate that they have no duty or obligation to XRP holders, and given the SEC’s actions thus far, we can’t expect it to even consider the interests of XRP holders.

However, whether we like it or not, we have been impacted by this SEC lawsuit and will certainly be impacted by the ultimate result.

If allowed to intervene, among critical interests, we will demonstrate that XRP is a government-recognized currency that is completely independent of Ripple. We will show how XRP is being used in the U.S. and around the world as a currency.

For example, six years ago, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) entered into an agreement with Ripple that XRP would be considered a virtual currency and its use would be registered exclusively with FinCEN, not the SEC. Afterwards, foreign nations started agreeing with the U.S. government’s 2015 currency classification of XRP, and Japan, Switzerland, the U.K. and the UAE have all declared XRP is not a security. Since that 2015 designation as virtual currency, the use cases of XRP have exploded.

The number of XRP holders joining this effort is now over 10,000 and growing.  We are determined to tell our story.

See the full pre-motion letter, posted to the CryptoLaw Document Library here.

If you are an XRP holder who wants to join in legal actions related to this case, fill out this form with the Deaton Law Firm here.