Joseph Lubin, Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup

When asked “will there be a limit on the amount a person can invest in Ethereum” Joseph Lubin – co-founder of Ethereum – responds shortly before the ICO: “A person can buy from any number of different identities. We may limit the size the unit size of a sale just to make it easier to disguise.” For investors who “want some privacy” and are “planning on investing several million U.S. dollars worth, then you can do that in multiple identities.” Lubin assures that Ethereum “won’t be requiring” a “real world identity” for sales of ether. “We can create a pseudonymous email and identity on purchasing,” he pledges.

For whales, anyone “planning on investing several million U.S. dollars’ worth,” Lubin recommends to “do that in multiple identities” and says that “we will ask for real world identity in the form of an email address just so that we can make sure that everything works smooth.”

Source: @_XRpizza