Lowell Ness of Perkins Coie, BlockCon 2018

Lowell Ness of Perkins Coie reveals something “that not a lot of people know” — a meeting between Jay Clayton and Andreessen Horowitz played a central role in later events.

Ness says that after appearing at a Stanford University event in January 2018, Jay Clayton “made his way over to see Andreessen [Horowitz] the next morning, and he invited Chris Dixon [partner, Andreessen Horowitz] to round up the industry players” and asked for “a proposal on where to go from here”. Ness had been representing Andreessen Horowitz “on all their crypto investments since the beginning” and “I got the chance to write all that stuff.”

Ness said the “general reception” from the SEC when those meetings began “were really positive.” He adds “it was an interesting dichotomy between their public facing incredibly vituperative statements that they were making and this interesting welcome that we got privately.”

Source: digitalassetbuy



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