Why The Securities And Exchange Commission Lost Its War On Crypto

By Dan Ikenson. (Forbes). May 28, 2024

From banning “non-compete” clauses to re-requiring “net-neutrality” to hyperinflating the costs of taxpayer-funded infrastructure with extravagant union giveaways, the Biden administration has overseen a massive expansion of the regulatory state. But amid this regulatory incontinence, which sows uncertainty, suppresses innovation, and retards investment and growth, there are encouraging signs that Congress, the courts, and US entrepreneurs are fed up with rule by executive fiat.

Take, for example, the escapades of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Since assuming power, Biden’s approach to cryptocurrencies and related technologies has been to delegate and defer to an activist SEC and its crusading chairman, Gary Gensler. Chairman Gensler portrays the crypto industries as “rife with hucksters, fraudsters, [and] scam artists,” which, he seems to believe, excuses him from proposing and promulgating concrete rules, in compliance with statute, for the industry to follow. Instead, Gensler sees crypto companies as undeserving of such regulatory clarity, choosing to keep them off balance through a “regulation by enforcement” approach – aggressively suing crypto companies for non-compliance with securities laws without ever articulating what “compliance” requires.

In the absence of clear, legal pathways, companies in the digital asset space have taken their innovations and expertise to friendlier shores. Governments in places such as the United Kingdom, the European Union, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates have already established regulatory frameworks and their economies are certain to reap the benefits of the resulting financial and related technological innovations.

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