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November 2021

Ripple seeing ‘good progress’ in SEC case over XRP, outcome expected next year. By Ryan Browne. CNBC. 11/23/21.

Ripple Advocates For Crypto Regulation Through Existing Frameworks. By Sebastian Souchet. Moondaq. 11/22/21. (Subscription Needed)

10 Congress Members Ask Nancy Pelosi to Help Revise Crypto Provision in Infrastructure Law. By Kevin Helms. 11/20/21.

The Crypto Industry’s Solution for Regulation: We’ll Handle It. By Joe Light.  Bloomberg. 11/19/21. (Subscription Needed.)

Faster, smarter crypto rules debated by US lawmakers. By Daniel Tyson. 11/18/21.

U.S. sanctions will still have an impact despite the rise of crypto, Treasury’s Adeyemo says. By

Sam Meredith. CNBC. 11/17/21.

Regulations for Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrency Sought in Congress. By Megan Boyanton.  Bloomberg law. 11/16/21.

Ripple Proposes ‘Real Approach to Cryptocurrency Regulation’. By Kevin Helms. 11/16/21.

Crypto companies, on defense in Washington, scramble to assemble a lobbying machine By Tory Newmyer. The Washington Post. 11/16/21.

United States: SEC Enforcement Director Rejects “Regulation By Enforcement” Criticism. By Philip S. Khinda. Moondaq. 11/15/21.

Biden’s Stablecoin Oversight Plan Leaves States Out in the Cold. By Lydia Beyoud and Evan Weinberger. Bloomberg Law. 11/12/21.

Central bank digital currencies are moving slowly — but not in China. By Ryan Browne. CNBC. 11/12/21.

Joint Congressional committee to hold ‘demystifying crypto’ hearing next week. By Kristin Majcher. The Block. 11/11/21.

The Basic Regulations For Crypto Trading, Accounting And Taxes. Jonathan Herpy. Forbes. 11/11/21.

U.S. securities regulator halts Wyoming crypto firm’s tokens. By Chris Prentice. Reuters. 11/10/21.

Hurdles on the Horizon: New Crypto Regulation. By Amanda Bonello and Jessica Hillier. Wealth Management. 11/10/21.

Crypto Investors Defy Regulatory Uncertainty To Profit On Right To Privacy. By Hailey Lennon. Forbes. 11/10/21.

US regulators ‘need to get with the program’ on cryptocurrencies: Ripple exec. By Brian Sozzi. Yahoo! Finance. 11/9/21.

The Crypto Industry Isn’t Too Thrilled About Biden’s Big Policy Moves. By Sandali Handagama. Nasdaq. 11/9/21.

SEC’s Peirce sees room to regulate stablecoins through bank ‘lens’. By Sarah Wynn. Roll Coll. 11/9/21.

DeFi — the ‘Wild West’ of crypto — is next on regulators’ hit list. By Ryan Browne. CNBC. 11/4/21.

The push to regulate cryptocurrency could cause friction in Congress. Mary Louise Kelly. NPR. 11/3/21.

Senator Ted Cruz proposes crypto as payment for vendors doing business on Capitol Hill. By Carla Mozée. Markets Insider. 11/2/21.

On the Appropriate Regulation of Stablecoins. By Thomas Wade. American Action Forum. 11/2/21.

White House Wants Congress to Regulate Cryptocurrencies. What to Know. By Daren Fonda. Barron’s. 11/2/21.

Banks Tried to Kill Crypto and Failed. Now They’re Embracing It (Slowly). By Emily Flitter. The New York Times. 11/1/21.

ANALYSIS: Crypto Legislation Might Progress Beyond Talk in 2022. By Robert Kim. Bloomberg Law. 11/1/21.

October 2021

 Big Hires, Big Money and a D.C. Blitz: A Bold Plan to Dominate Crypto. By Eric Lipton, Daisuke Wakabayashi and Ephrat Livni. The New York Times. 10/29/21.

SEC Chair Gensler’s War On Crypto Is About His Resume. By Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 10/29/21.

A Need for More Regulatory Clarity. By James Cooper. Coindesk. 10/27/21.

FDIC Is Preparing Guidance on Banks and Crypto. By Luke McGrath. Bloomberg. 10/26/21.

Everyone Wants Crypto Regulations – On Their Terms. By Nikhilesh De. Coindesk, 10/26/21.

Coinbase CEO Claims: Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit Is ‘Going Better Than Expected’. By Parth Dubey. Tronweekly. 10/26/21.

SEC Gets Path to Rein In Stablecoins as U.S. Weighs New Rules. By Jesse Hamilton, Joe Light, and Benjamin Bain. Bloomberg. 10/25/21.

Cryptocurrency Company Snared in SEC Dragnet Sues Regulator. By Dave Michaels. The Wall Street Journal. 10/25/21.

Major cryptocurrency project Terraform Labs is suing the SEC. By Zack Guzman. Yahoo! Finance. 10/24/21.

Congress Needs To Provide Guardrails for the Cryptocurrency Revolution By Josh Hammer. Newsweek. 10/21/21.

Republican SEC Commissioner Criticizes Agency’s Approach to Crypto. By Paul Kiernan. Wall Street Journal. 10/20/21.

Crypto king blames SEC for U.S. losing ground in global race. By Ryan Heath. Politico. 10/20/21.

U.S. crypto companies are at the crossroads of regulation. By Tor Constantino. Yahoo! Finance. 10/19/21.

Is increased regulation of cryptocurrency on the horizon? By Stevens & Bolton LLP. Lexology (Subscription Needed). 10/19/21.

Crypto ETFs & Regulatory Proposals – The Continuing Maturation Of Crypto Should Be Celebrated. By Sean Stein Smith. Forbes (Subscription Needed). 10/18/21.

Clayton, Gensler behind looming over-regulated crypto disaster. By Charles Gasparino. New York Post. 10/16/21.

Congress needs to step up on crypto, or Biden might crush it. By George Nethercutt. The Hill. 10/16/21.

Why Coinbase’s crypto manifesto won’t fly in Washington. By Zachary Warmbrodt and Aubree Eliza Weaver. Politico. 10/15/21.

Coinbase Pitches Blueprint for Special Crypto Regulator. By Paul Kiernan and Dave Michaels. Wall Street Journal. 10/14/21.

Meet the DeFi Delegate Knocking on the Doors of Congress. By Andrew Thurman. Coindesk. 10/14/21.

US Rep. Patrick McHenry: Rushed Crypto and Big Tech Regs From Congress ‘Will Be Horrible’. By Staff. 10/14/21.

Crypto regulation is ‘matter of urgency’, says Bank of England. Teuta Franjkovic. Yahoo! Finance. 10/13/21.

Crypto Firms Brace for Regulation by Writing Their Own Rules. By Joe Light. Bloomberg. 10/13/21.

Did The SEC Make A Mistake By Not Prioritizing Cryptocurrency Regulations?. By Kayvan Alikhani. Forbes. 10/13/21.

Legal tussle in SEC v. Ripple case continues, while XRP holders expect positive outcome. By Ekta Mourya. FX Street. 10/12/2021.

SEC commissioner: Investors have the right to make their own decisions without regulators standing in the way. By Hester Peirce. CNN. 10/11/21.

Crypto Regulation Is Coming – How Do Policymakers Get It Right? By Sean Stein Smith. Forbes. 10/11/21.

U.S. Treasury Rushing to Regulate Crypto Markets. By Christy Bieber. Motley Fool. 10/11/21.

How to Get Cryptocurrency Regulation Right. By Adam Szubin. Wall Street Journal (Subscription Needed) . 10/10/21.  

Ripple opposes SEC’s request to avoid responding to RFAs. Namrata Shukla. AMB Crypto. 10/9/21.

Ripple’s three reasons why SEC’s ‘boil-the-ocean demand’ should be denied. Sahana Venugopa. AMB Crypto. 10/9/21.

SEC head Gary Gensler under fire over crypto regulation. By Kiran Stacey. Financial Times. 10/6/21.

The Challenges of Regulating Cryptocurrency. By Sheelah Kolhatkar. The New Yorker. 10/6/21.

It’s ‘a real shame’ the way the SEC is regulating crypto: SEC commissioner. By Zack Guzman. Yahoo! Finance. 10/5/21.

Judge in Ripple cryptocurrency case wants token holders’ views. By Jody Godoy. Reuters. 10/5/21.

XRP Holders Can’t Intervene In SEC’s Ripple Suit. By Dean Seal. Law 360. 10/4/21.

The SEC’s Regulatory Role in the Digital Asset Markets. By Todd Phillips. Center for American Progress. 10/4/21.

After Ripple’s ‘flawed’ search, SEC wants more recordings of internal meetings. By Sahana Venugopal. AMB Crypto. 10/3/21.

Washington takes aim at the booming crypto industry. By Tory Newmyer and Jacqueline Alemany. The Washington Post. 10/2/21.

Cracking the code of crypto. By William Magnuson. The Hill. 10/2/21.

September 2021

Ripple Pushes SEC Up Against The Wall: “If Personal Opinions, Then No Privilege”. By Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 9/30/21.

Ripple hits back at SEC’s defense as new ‘XRP analysis’ comes to light. By Anjali Jain. AMB Crypto. 9/30/21.

“XRP’s Primary Purpose Is Facilitating Cross Border Payments”, Says Former U.S. Treasurer. By Francisco Memoria. Crypto Globe. 9/30/21.

Ripple writes to U.S Senator on regulatory ‘havoc and confusion’. By Sahana Venugopal. AMB Crypto. 9/29/21.

Congress Moves In The Wrong Direction On Cryptocurrency Policy. By Ernest Istook. Issues & Insights. 9/29/21.

This Tiny Nation Is on a Fast Track to a Crypto Revolution. By Jessica Karl. Bloomberg. 9/28/21.

Crypto may have a new foe as the SEC names its next general counsel. By Declan Harty. Fortune. 9/28/21.

SEC spat with Coinbase previews complex legal battle over crypto. By Todd Ehret. Reuters. 9/28/21.

SEC seen having clear case against Coinbase’s lending program. By Peter Feltman. Roll Call. 9/28/21.

SEC’s Gensler Highlights Need for Crypto Regulation. By Eric Savitz. Barron’s (Subscription Needed ). 9/28/21.

Push to regulate crypto could test limits of CFPB’s power. By Kate Berry. American Banker (Subscription Needed ). 9/27/21.

Senators aim to increase oversight of cryptocurrency mining with new bill. By Maggie Miller. The Hill. 9/27/21.

Embracing regulation in cryptocurrency is essential for the growth of the industry, says Chainalysis. Ulisse Dell’Orto. CNBC. 9/27/21.

SEC V. Ripple: XRP’s Utility and Currency Value Backed by Former U.S. Treasurer. By Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 9/27/21.

US Lawmakers See China’s Authoritarian Crackdown on Crypto as Big Opportunity – Regulation Bitcoin News. By Kevin Helms. 9/25/21.

Stablecoins in Spotlight as U.S. Begins to Lay Ground for Rules on Cryptocurrencies. By Andrew Ackerman. Wall Street Journal. 9/25/21.

What’s the endgame of SEC’s case against Ripple? Charlie Gasparino. Fox Business. 9/24/21.

Crypto faces existential threat as crackdown gathers steam. By Joe Light. Banking and Finance. 9/23/21.

Why the SEC v. Ripple case is significant for crypto’s future. By Brian Sozzi. Yahoo! Finance. 9/23/21.

Why the cryptocurrency industry just needs ‘right type of regulations’. By Sahana Venugopal. AMB Crypto. 9/23/21.

Ripple request for XRP trading history of SEC employees denied by federal judge. By Sarah Tran. FX Street. 9/22/21.

Ripple Has No Plans to Settle With SEC Over XRP, Confident Gensler Will Drop the Lawsuit. By Kevin Helms. 9/19/21.

Still-young crypto industry could grow stronger — if SEC allows it to thrive. By Charles Gasparino. New York Post. 9/18/21.

Ripple Will Win Litigation With SEC. By Hasan Sheikh. Codelist. 9/17/21.

Experts say Ripple will win SEC lawsuit, which might propel XRP to new all-time highs. By Ekta Mourya. FX Street. 9/17/21.

Ripple (XRP) v SEC gets new twist after privileged’ documents blocked. By Ana Grabundzija. Cryptoslate. 9/16/21.

Gensler’s Crypto Mess: It’s Time For Congress To Teach The SEC What “Clarity” Means. By Jared Whitley. Seeking Alpha. 9/16/21.

From Crypto to Meme Stocks, GOP Senators Blast Gensler’s Agenda. By Ben Bain and Akayla Gardner. Yahoo. 9/14/21.

Senators demand cryptocurrency regulation guidance from SEC Chair Gary Gensler. By Thomas Franck. CNBC. 9/14/21.

When is an NFT a ‘security’ and why should you care? By Owen Davie. Hypebot. 9/13/21.

It’s Time To End The SEC’s ‘Clarity’ Charade On Crypto. By Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 9/12/21.

Coinbase Gets Wells Notice From the SEC on Lend Product. By Olga Kharif and Joanna Ossinger. Bloomberg. 9/8/21.

Ripple Firmly Denies SEC’s Objections against its Latest Discovery Motion as it Stresses upon “Fair Notice” Motion. By Gracie Perez. Ripple Coin News. 9/8/21.

Ripple responds to SEC’s Opposition against Motion to Compel pre-clearance XRP trading data. By Palak Malhotra. CoinGape. 9/8/21.

Coinbase Slams ‘Regulation By Litigation’ As SEC Threatens To Sue Over Lending Product. By Robert Hart. Forbes. 9/8/21.

SEC threatens to sue Coinbase, CEO calls it ‘really sketchy behavior’. By Will Feuer. New York Post. 9/8/21.

SEC refuses to produce documents related to employees’ XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum holdings. By Sahana Venugopal. AMB Crypto. 9/5/21.

This ‘silver bullet’ could come to the rescue of crypto-clarity in the U.S. By Namrata Shukla. AMB Crypto. 9/5/21.

Ripple wants to know whether SEC employees held any XRP in latest motion. By Steve Kaaru. Coingeek. 9/2/21.

SEC v. Ripple – Here’s what to expect from this ‘friend of the court’. By Namrata Shukla. AMB Crypto. 9/2/21.

EC wants access to Ripple’s internal staff meetings’ recordings. By Anjali Jain. AMB Crypto. 9/1/21.

August 2021

Ripple Asks SEC to Share Digital Asset Transactions of Employees. Will the Legal Strategy Work? By JD Alois. Crowd Fund Insider. 8/31/21.

Ripple files motion to expose XRP holdings of SEC employees. By Helen Partz. Cointelegraph. 8/30/21.

The Crypto Uprising The SEC Didn’t See Coming. By Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 8/30/21.

XRP lawsuit update: Court grants Ripple, SEC’s expert discovery extension request. By Namrata Shukla. AMB Crypto. 8/27/21.

Ripple claims SEC is ‘fighting legal standards’. By Anjali Jain. AMB Crypto. 8/25/21.

Ripple: SEC ex-chief Hinman’s views on XRP are ‘dubious’. By Michelle Lim. Forkast. 8/24/21.

SEC V. Ripple: Bombshells in Deposition Pave the Way for Win on Fair Notice, Says Expert.  By Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 8/20/21.

XRP lawsuit: SEC files letter opposing ‘in part’ Ripple’s motion to seal. By Namrata Shukla. AMB Crypto. 8/20/21.

Crypto’s ‘DeFi’ Projects Aren’t Immune to Regulation, SEC’s Gensler Says. By Dave Michaels and Paul Kiernan. Wall Street Journal. 8/19/2021.

Jay Clayton praises blockchain as he joins crypto platform Fireblocks. By Hannah Murphy and Gary Silverman. Financial Times. 8/19/2021.

Congress should deliver crypto clarity and reassert its authority. By Craig Stevens. Roll Call. 8/18/21.

Ripple opposes SEC ‘extraordinary demand’ for additional Slack communications By Sarah Tran. FXS. 8/18/21.

SEC V RIPPLE: SEC Caught Erasing Relevant Documents for XRP Lawsuit By Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 8/18/21.

Is Ether a security? Why Ethereum might not be out of the water, despite 2018 clarification. By Steven Mosh. Crypto News Flash. 8/17/21.

RIPPLEXRP lawsuit: Why this move is ‘burdensome and highly disproportionate’.  By Shubham Pandey. AMB Crypto. 8/17/21.

Former Financial Regulator On SEC V. Ripple: Forget The Fanfare. Focus On Evaluation. By Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 8/13/21.

Congressman Tom Emmer Interview with Thinking Crypto on US Crypto Regulations, SEC Ripple XRP, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Voting“. From Thinking Crypto on YouTube. 8/12/2021.

SEC v. Ripple: 15-page ‘monster brief’ to include Hinman deposition” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 8/11/2021.

Crypto Confusion Shows Why Congress Is Broken” by Howard Gleckman. Forbes. 8/10/2021.

Cryptocurrency tax reporting deal scotched in Senate” by Laura Weiss. Roll Call. 8/9/2021.

Washington wakes up to crypto influence amid infrastructure fight” by Victoria Guida. Politico. 8/9/2021.

‘This is no way to make policy’: Cryptocurrency advocates express frustration with bipartisan infrastructure language” by Rachel Janfaza. CNN. 8/8/2021.

Senators Near Deal On Crypto Oversight, But May Be Too Late” by Mackenzie Hawkins, Laura Davison, and Steven T. Dennis. Bloomberg. 8/8/2021.

SEC boss Gary Gensler has few regulatory bullets on crypto: lawyer” by Charles Gasparino. New York Post. 8/7/2021.

SEC Chief Gary Gensler Braces for Clash With Crypto Traders” by Dave Michaels and Alexander Osipovich. Wall Street Journal. 8/5/2021.

SEC and CFTC dispute crypto oversight: Which will rule over Ripple’s XRP?” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 8/5/2021.

SEC has no authority over crypto, CFTC commissioner argues” by Helen Partz. Cointelegraph. 8/5/2021.

“Ripple (XRP) granted access to Binance documents for SEC case” by Ana Grabundzija. CryptoSlate. 8/4/2021.

SEC v. Ripple: XRP is not subject to SEC under pending bill, said attorney Thien-Vu Hogan” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 8/4/2021.

Infrastructure Bill Threatens Cryptocurrency Ecosystem: Why Is Crypto Being Targeted With More Tax Reporting Burdens Than Traditional Finance?” by John Berlau. Forbes. 8/3/2021.

Ripple’s Discovery Wins Over SEC Offer Defense Strategies” by Kevin O’Brien. Law360 (Subscription Needed). 8/3/2021.

Ripple Exec Seeks Binance Docs To Fend Off SEC’s Claims” by Elise Hanse. Law360 (Subscription Needed). 8/2/2021.

July 2021

After Rejecting Bitcoin ETFs, Former SEC Chair Clayton Joins Fight For Approval” by Jason Bisnoff. Forbes. 7/31/2021.

Crypto lobby groups say they’re fighting ‘unworkable’ crypto reporting language in infrastructure bill” by Michael McSweeney. The Block Crypto. 7/29/2021.

Statement on the Digital Asset Market Structure and Investor Protection Act (H.R. 4741)” sponsored by Rep Don Beyer (D-VA). 7/28/2021.

Battle lines over cryptocurrencies being drawn in Congress” by Neil Haggerty and Hannah Lang. American Banker (Subscription Needed). 7/27/2021.

Lawmakers’ crypto focus strengthens voice of SEC’s Peirce.” by Sarah Wynn. Rollcall. 7/27/2021.

SEC v. Ripple: SEC “rebukes” own commissioners’ views ahead of William Hinman deposition.” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 7/26/2021.

Elizabeth Warren Wants The SEC To Kill Crypto. Gary Gensler Had Better Not Agree.” by Jared Whitley. Seeking Alpha. 7/23/2021.

Ripple: Despite the Legal Saga, XRP Is A Leading Name In Cross-Border Payments” by Tezcan Gecgil. InvestorPlace. 7/22/2021.

Toward A Ripple Test At The SEC” by Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 7/22/2021.

Ripple Lawsuit Update: Settlement Inevitable?” 7/21/2021.

Ripple gains higher ground for XRP, SEC plagued with top level infighting” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 7/21/2021.

Ripple and SEC reach a deal ahead of deposition about speech on ETH” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 7/20/2021.

Can Ripple Labs beat the SEC in court?” by Penny Crossman. American Banker (Subscription Needed). 7/19/2021.

Ripple Cites SEC Commissioners’ Remarks to Support Dismissal of Case” by James Rubin. CoinDesk. 7/19/2021.

The SEC’s Fair Notice Farce, Starring William Hinman” by Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 7/19/2021.

XRP and ETH: Can the upcoming deposition in SEC v. Ripple drive prices?” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 7/19/2021.

Ripple To Depose Ex-SEC Official Following Fiery Day In Court” by Dean Seal. Law360. 7/15/2021.

Ripple Labs Can Question Former SEC Official in Suit Over XRP” by Chris Dolmetsch. Bloomberg. 7/15/2021.

SEC v. Ripple key hearing today: John Deaton offers line of questioning” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 7/15/2021.

Ripple GC On Blockchain’s Bloom And Blockbuster SEC Fight” by Dean Seal. Law360. 7/14/2021.

Fintech industry wants guidance as lawmakers focus on risks” by Keith Lewis. Roll Call. 7/13/2021.

Ripple grows impatient: Wants controversial deposition for next week” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 7/12/2021.

Will the SEC buy XRP Holders’ ‘no common enterprise’ claim?” by Namrata Shukla. AMB Crypto. 7/10/2021.

SEC v. Ripple: Why is the lawsuit taking so long?‘ by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 7/8/2021.

SEC v. Ripple: Will the lawsuit turn against Ethereum?” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 7/8/2021.

Sen. Warren warns of cryptocurrency risks, presses SEC on oversight authority” by Andrea Shalal. Financial Times. 7/8/2021.

Four key questions central banks must answer about digital currencies” by Markus Brunnermeier. Financial Times. 7/7/2021.

Coinbase CEO: China’s Digital Yuan Is a Threat to U.S. Reserve Currency StatusNASDAQ. 7/6/2021.

SEC Discovery Tactics Belie Lofty Pronouncements in Ripple Case” by Paul Jossey. Competitive Enterprise Institute. 7/6/2021.

XRP Ripple effect: Is this the best way to keep the SEC in check?” by Jibin George. AMB Crypto. 7/4/2021.

June 2021

SEC Assault On Ripple Provokes Wider Debate” by Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 6/30/2021.

SEC appoints New Jersey Attorney General as director of enforcement” by Brian Quarmby. Cointelegeaph. 6/30/2021.

Meet the new heavy-hitting crypto hires at Andreessen Horowitz” by Frank Chaparro. The Block Crypto. 6/26/2021.

SEC accuses XRP Army of issuing ‘false statements’ against its leadership on social media” by Turner Wright. Cointelegraph. 6/25/2021.

XRP lawsuit: Why SEC’s latest motion, Hinman’s deposition ‘should scare everyone’” by Lavina Daryanani. AMB Crypto 6/25/2021.

Ripple: Who is the ex-SEC Director whose deposition the SEC wants to quash?” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 6/25/2021.

SEC v. Ripple Labs: Cryptocurrency and “Regulation by Enforcement”” featuring John Berlau, John Deaton, Carol Goforth, and Roslyn Layton. Hosted by Curt Levey. The Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project. 6/24/2021.

XRP lawsuit: Was SEC dealt another ‘big blow’?” by Jibin George. AMB Crypto. 6/24/2021.

XRP lawsuit: Who is the ‘former SEC official’ Ripple wants to depose?” by Jibin George. ABM Crypto. 6/23/2021.

SEC commissioner Hester Peirce argues in favor of DeFi’s promise of disintermediation” by Kollen Post. TheBlock. 6/23/2021.

H.R. 3723 – Consumer Safety Technology Act” Sponsored by Rep. Jerry McNerney of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Passed 6/23/2021.

SEC’s ‘Crypto Mom’ says Ripple’s XRP doesn’t have to be a security” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 6/20/2021.

Money Reimagined: DC’s Digital Dollar Choice” by Michael J. Casey. CoinDesk. 6/18/2021.

With Washington recommitted to innovation, cryptocurrencies need a congressional fix” by George Nethercutt. The Hill. 6/18/2021.

“Is the SEC really confident it has a case against Ripple?” by Jibin George. AMB Crypto. 6/18/2021.

US Congress Sets up Crypto Working Group: Will it affect the Ripple Lawsuit?” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 6/16/2021.

House Democrats Form Cryptocurrency Working Group” by Eli Tan. Coinbase. 6/15/2021.

What The Heck Was Happening At Clayton’s SEC? Time For Some Answers.” by Jared Whitley. Seeking Alpha. 6/15/2021.

XRP: Is SEC’s decision to sue Ripple execs about to ‘bite them in the butt?’” by Jibin George. AMB Crypto. 6/15/2021.

The SEC Has No Plans To Regulate Bitcoin in 2021” by Luke Conway. TheStreet. 6/14/2021.

Bitcoin And Latin American Economies: Danger Or Opportunity?” by Enrique Dans. Forbes. 6/14/2021.

The end of privacy? Central banks plan to launch digital coins” by Eva Szalay, Colby Smith, and Thomas Hale. Financial Times. 6/14/2021.

Fed explores ‘once in a century’ bid to remake the U.S. dollar” by Victoria Guida. Politico. 6/12/2021.

Why XRP is the most misunderstood cryptocurrencyPanos. 6/10/2021.

Cryptocoins are proliferating wildly. What are they all for?” The Economist. 6/10/2021

SEC v. Ripple: Prior enforcement actions prove unprecedented nature of lawsuit, says Ripple” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 6/10/2021.

XRP lawsuit: SEC files allegedly ‘pathetic response’ to Ripple’s sur-reply” by Lavina Daryanani. AMB Crypto. 6/10/2021.

Ripple stuck with SEC as American bankers go against CBDCs” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 6/9/2021.

Ripple Labs’ CEO Assails SEC’s Case as ‘Exceedingly Aggressive and Unprecedented’ in Dismissal Bid” by Christina Tabacco. Law Street Media. 6/8/2021.

What bitcoin’s role in the Colonial Pipeline ransom means for regulation” by Kristin Smith. CNBC. 6/8/2021.

“Definitely ironic” – Ripple CEO responds to ex-SEC chairman’s regulation remarks” by Ibukun Ogundare. Crypto News Flash. 6/8/2021.

Ripple asks court to ignore 70+ SEC actions against cryptos before XRP” by Michelle Lim. Forkast News. 6/8/2021.

Ripple accuses SEC of ‘noncompliance’ in sharing XRP, Bitcoin and Ether communications” by Michelle Lim. Forkast News. 6/7/2021.

SEC v Ripple: Judge could order Monetary Sanctions if SEC Remains Uncooperative” by Rick Steves. Finance Feeds. 6/6/2021.

Crypto Needs Regulation, but It Doesn’t Need New Rules” by Jay Clayton and Brent McIntosh. Wall Street Journal. 6/6/2021.

SEC Loses Bid For Ripple’s Legal Advice On Token Status” by Dean Seal. Law360 (Subscription Needed). 6/1/2021.

May 2021

Ex-Head of China’s Digital Yuan Effort Says CBDCs Could Operate on Ethereum” by Daniel Palmer. CoinDesk. 5/31/2021.

Cryptocurrencies can help solve economic injustice. Democrats shouldn’t fear them” by Sheila Warren and Michael Casey. Roll Call. 5/28/2021.

New OCC Chief Signals Greater Caution on Crypto” by Nikhilesh De. CoinDesk. 5/18/2021.

We Need A Ripple Test To Stop The SEC’s Overreach On Cryptocurrency” by Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 5/18/2021.

Don’t Fear Volatility in Cryptocurrency Prices; Fear Regulations that Will Harm America’s Crypto Lead” by John Berlau. The Federalist Society. 5/14/2021.

Washington debates regulating cryptocurrency industry” by Elaine Quijano. CBSN. 5/11/2021.

As Scrutiny of Cryptocurrency Grows, the Industry Turns to K Street” by Eric Lipton. New York Times. 5/9/2021.

SEC Should Drop Litigation Over Ripple’s XRP Token” by J.W. Verret. Law360 (Subscription Needed). 5/5/2021.

Ripple case seen as precedent for cryptocurrency regulation” by Keith Lewis. Roll Call. 5/4/2021.

Cryptocurrencies Are Not a Fad, They’re a Revolution. America Needs to Prepare” by Bill Tai. Morning Consult. 5/4/2021.

Mastercard seeks role as bridge to facilitate cross-border use of China’s digital yuan” by Georgina Lee. South China Morning Post. 5/3/2021.

April 2021

Regulation By Enforcement Is Stifling Cryptocurrency” by Curt Levey. The Federalist Society. 4/29/21

Cryptocurrency’s Future in the U.S. Is Threatened By SEC Action Against Ripple” by J. Carl Cecere. Bloomberg Law. 4/19/2021.

Former SEC Director who led Ripple action lands new role at Ethereum law firm” by Samuel Wan. CryptoSlate. 4/17/2021.

The SEC’s Cryptocurrency Confusion” by The Editorial Board. The Wall Street Journal. 4/16/2021.

The SEC V. Ripple: Testing The Limits Of A Regulatory Vacuum” by R.A. Moss. Seeking Alpha. 4/15/2021.

Ex-Acting Head of SEC Enforcement Will Join Simpson Thacher” by Matt Robinson. Bloomberg Law. 4/15/2021.

SEC Loses Bid For Ripple Labs Execs’ Personal Financial Info” by Dean Seal. Law360 (Subscription Needed). 4/12/2021.

Greater Innovation Is the Solution to Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint” by Michael K. Dorsey. Morning Consult. 4/12/2021.

In The Ripple Case, The SEC Is Now On Trial – And Knows It” by Roslyn Layton. Forbes. 4/8/2021.

Word on the Block: Lawyer for 11,000 XRP holders pushing to fight SEC in Ripple lawsuit“. Forkast News (Video). 4/8/2021.

U.S. is ‘behind the curve’ on crypto regulations, says SEC Commissioner Peirce” by Chris Matthews. MarketWatch. 4/7/2021.

Goldman Sachs CEO: ‘Big Evolution’ Is Coming to Bitcoin Regulation” by Matthew DiSalvio. Decrypt. 4/6/2021.

Nexo sued for causing over $5 million in damages by ‘unlawful’ suspension of XRP payments” by Alisha Roy. AMBCrypto. 4/6/2021.

Nexo Users Say Crypto Lender Wrongly Suspended XRP UseLaw360 (Subscription Needed). 4/5/2021.

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November 2018

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