Bill Hinman, CNBC interview

On the same day as his speech at the Yahoo! Finance Summit, William Hinman explains to CNBC that “when we look at ether” — ‘we’ clearly meaning the SEC — “we don’t see a third party promoter where applying the disclosure regime would make a lot of sense.” He goes on to describe securities transactions made with tokens that, in fact, closely describe the Ethereum ICO of 2014, the promotion of ether by Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin and the Ethereum Foundation, and ongoing promotion by Lubin’s company, ConsenSys.

Court documents in the Ripple case and Hinman’s redacted public calendar revealed that Hinman or his advisers met exclusively with Lubin and ConsenSys seven times before Hinman gave his speech, and no promoters or developers of any other ledger or token.

Source: CNBC