Charles Gasparino report on Brooklyn Project, Fox Business

Charles Gasparino of Fox Business has spoken to “major players in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry” who are “coming together with a consensus” on an “organizational route” to ensure that “anything that is traded inside their blockchain to be considered a currency” and “given legitimacy”. He cites the Brooklyn Project, started by Joseph Lubin and figures linked to Ethereum, who “have a lot of friends on Wall Street.”

Gasparino also tweets that Lubin’s effort “seeks to create the first Self Regulatory Organization sanctioned by

@SEC_Enforcement”. The Brooklyn Project then tweets a “big correction”: “Not SEC sanctioned, and no current plans for a sanctioned organization.” Gasparino replies that he’d been told what he reported. This was about one month before the Hinman speech.

source: @digitalassetbuy

Since Chairman Patrick McHenry threatened to SUBPOENA Gary Gensler for NON-COMPLIANCE with Congressional oversight.