Ripple vs SEC: Legal Expert Warns Adverse Ruling in Lawsuit Would Be Catastrophic for Crypto Industry.

By Daily Hodl Staff. July 9, 2022. (The Daily Hodl)

A legal expert warns an unfavorable ruling in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple would be bad for crypto.

Deaton Law Firm managing partner John E. Deaton says the outcome of the SEC lawsuit alleging that XRP is a security will determine whether nearly all other existing altcoins are securities.

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Crypto’s ‘trial of the century’: Ripple case could be decided over just a few words from former SEC official

Following 16 months of intense pre-trial litigation, countless hours in court and over 600,000 documents reviewed by both sides, the case that’s being billed as “the cryptocurrency trial of the century” could all come down to one speech made by a former Securities and Exchange Commission official four years ago.

That case, of course, is the lawsuit brought in late 2020 by the SEC against payment settlement company, Ripple. The SEC says Ripple violated securities laws when it failed to register with the agency sales of its native cryptocurrency token, XRP, that helped finance its platform and facilitate payments on Ripple’s network.

At the heart of the commission’s case is a contention that XRP was being sold by Ripple and its top executives as an illegal and unregistered security. The commission is seeking billions of dollars in damages.

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